What is the WILL SDK?

WILL is a universal ink layer framework that links hardware and user interfaces. It provides the infrastructure for an intuitive and high quality digital pen and ink experience. The graphic features of the rendering engine create an unprecedented cross-platform ink experience – the beginning of a new industry standard for natural, high-quality digital ink.


  • Is a digital ink framework that’s adaptive and flexible for integration.
  • Enables high quality ink expression with graphically expressive tools and features and a high performance rendering engine.
  • Has an innovative ink data format based Ink Stroke Language (SL)
  • Includes a WILL file format to enable data exchange with other WILL enabled applications

While WILL is designed to work with Wacom-enabled pens, no special hardware is required to integrate WILL into your application. You can use WILL with touch input as well as with Wacom-enabled pens – so go forth and code!


How to Access the WILL SDK

WILL technology is designed to provide building blocks, introduce best practices, and establish a standard stroke data format for creating ink-based applications for multiple platforms. WILL technology is packaged and distributed in the form of an SDK.

Different SDK packages are specifically provided for each of the officially supported platforms: Android, iOS, WinRT and HTML5.

To get started with the WILL SDK you’ll need to register here. Don’t worry – it’s quick and free!

Once you have SDK access, check out the WILL FAQ for answers to the most frequent questions. 


What to build with WILL

WILL is for more than just writing and drawing..Let’s think outside the notepad for a moment. You could use WILL in an app to support:

You can also check out these existing WILL implementations:

  • Bamboo Paper is an app for iOS, Android, and Windows. Test import and export of .WILL format files across devices.
  • Bamboo Spark is a recently-launched hardware/software device. It uses WILL both behind the scenes to transfer digital ink from the Smart Folio to the Bamboo Spark app as well as using the .WILL file format to allow users to transfer digital ink to Bamboo Paper or other .WILL-enabled applications.


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More Questions?

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